Artist’s Statement

One of the many benefits of growing up in a hot, humid climate was the guarantee of being surrounded by lush foliage and burgeoning botanicals.  The beauty and grace of that natural environment, in combination with a grandmother’s love, travel experiences and the eclectic joie-de-vivre that defines the Cajun experience, is the gumbo that continues to influence my artistic direction and unique sense of style. I enjoy the challenge of growing both technical and creative skill sets and the thrill of seeing the culmination of that growth in a finished piece.  

Jules’ Jewels is my alter-ego — style maven, mom, spouse, professional singer, and sometime-slave to creative miscellany.  As a lifelong collector of jewelry and accessories, my ennui with the commercial, retail approach to design gave way to experimentation and “starter” classes, eventually birthing Jules’ Jewels.  My funky way with metals and media is an extrapolation of experiences and memories from my Cajun upbringing, translated into uniquely fabulous treasures, hand-fabricated in fine metals and gems, combining a flair for the fabulous with a classic sense of style.